Is a Florida Teen fighting for his life after sticking his junk into a beehive?

In a story that’s been carried by a number of media outlets, an unfortunate 14-year-old boy in Florida is reportedly in critical condition after he stuck his penis in a beehive — and ended up getting stung more than 600 times. But it turns out he wasn’t the only person who was stung.



As the story goes, Lawrence Thomas got kinky with the beehive, not realizing he was allergic to bee stings. As a result, the teen suffered anaphylactic shock and is now fighting for his life at Naples Community Hospital.

While the tale makes for good water cooler fodder, it’s not true, according to fact-finder website Snopes. Researchers traced the original version of the story to the World News Daily Report, a website that features the following disclaimer: “All characters appearing in the articles in this website –- even those based on real people –- are entirely fictional, and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely a miracle.”

Why would people want to read fake news if it’s not presented in a humorous way? Are websites like this damaging the credibility of respectable news agencies?