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Minor League To Replace Extra Innings With Home Run Derby

One of baseball’s minor leagues is experimenting with a new way to end games – replacing extra innings with a home run derby. The eight-team Pioneer League has announced that tie games will be decided with a ‘sudden death home run duel’. The Pioneer League will experiment with a home run derby to replace extra…MORE

First Footage Released From Tom Petty Doc ‘Somewhere You Feel Free’

A short clip from the upcoming Tom Petty documentary Somewhere You Feel Free has been released ahead of the film’s premiere next week. The 84-second video includes black-and-white shots of Petty and producer Rick Rubin in the studio during the recording of his 1994 Wildflowers album, while Petty discusses his decision to go solo. You can watch an EXCLUSIVE…MORE

Natural Light Announces a Pineapple Lemonade Beer

To get you prepared for the spring and summer, Natural Light has announced that they will be releasing a Pineapple Lemonade beer. The new flavor in its “Naturday” line is being described as a “light lager with a light, sweet, and slightly tart sip.” When the drink hits shelves it’ll be available in 12-ounce, 30-,…MORE

Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Turns 48

Pink Floyd’s classic album Dark Side of the Moon is officially 48 years old this week! The album that brought us songs like “Money” celebrated its 48th year on Monday. This was Pink Floyd’s eighth album, but their first to make it into the U.S. Top 40 Charts. Fun fact: the famous album cover for Dark Side of…MORE

$35 Yard Sale Find Turns Out to be Worth $500K

While spending $35 at a yard sale for a small porcelain bowl might not seem like a good investment, it turned out to be the deal of a lifetime for a Connecticut resident. The bowl turned out to be a 15th Century Chinese artifact, of which only seven are known to exist, says Angela McAteer,…MORE

AC/DC Partners with Australian Jewelry Company

If you want to show off your love of AC/DC, you can now do it with jewelry! AC/DC has partnered with Australian jewelry and accessories company Heart of Bone for a new line inspired by the band. AC/DC Partners With Australian Jewelry, Accessories And Lifestyle Brand HEART OF BONE – — Screamer Magazine…MORE

Vinyl Revenue Overtakes CDs For The First Time Since 1986

You might be looking at that box of old vinyl’s in the attic and thinking that it’s time to get rid of them, well we’re here to tell you…don’t! According to MRC data, vinyl’s seem to be making a comeback based on their increase in revenue. This is the first time since 1986 that records…MORE

Joe Buck Says He And Troy Aikman Used To Drink Tequila In The Broadcast Booth

Ever watch a football game and think ‘the announcers must be drunk to say that!’  Well… maybe they were. Longtime FOX broadcaster Joe Buck recently revealed on Colin Cowherd’s podcast that he and partner Troy Aikman used to drink tequila in the broadcast booth during games. That might explain why Joe Buck sounds so laid…MORE

Super Bowl Invader says the Stunt Earned him $374,000

The man who interrupted the Super Bowl by running across the field in a pink thong bathing suit and black shorts says he’s $374,000 richer for pulling off the stunt. Yuri Andrade, 31, says he came up with the idea when he read the gambling website Bovada was offering 750-to-one odds that someone would run…MORE

New Jersey Man Builds Lincoln Memorial Replica with Snow

A New Jersey man has come up with a productive way to use his time during the pandemic — while removing some of the excess snow from his driveway and yard. Cranford resident Robert Schott, a sculptor, has created a 14-foot replica of the Lincoln Memorial in his front yard — using nothing but snow.Thousands…MORE