Former Lion Darius Slay Does NOT Like The Dallas Cowboys….At All

It was the fourth quarter of a 2015 Wild Card Playoff game between the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, and the Lions were holding on to a 20-17 lead.

As many Lions fans know, what happened late in the game still lingers in a very bad way with almost all of the fan base….

Eventually, the Cowboys went on to win that game late, 24-20, and advance to the next round of the playoffs.

Recently, former Lion and current Philadelphia Eagle Darius Slay spoke out about that game on a podcast with former NFL cornerback Bryant McFadden and voiced his continued hatred for that team down in Dallas, Texas:

“I hate the Cowboys. They cheated us in the 2014 playoffs. When that (official) ran onto the field and pulled the flag, they cheated us.”

We think a lot of you out there will side with Darius Slay on both that particular game and the Cowboys organization as a whole.