Matthew Stafford Appreciative Of Time In Detroit; Jared Goff Still Sour Over How L.A. Tenure Ended

Matthew Stafford is living the good life right now with the Los Angeles Rams but still has fond memories of his 12-year ride as quarterback of the Detroit Lions.

When speaking to local beat writers yesterday, Stafford refused to compare L.A. to Detroit and wanted to focus on the great experience he had during his time with the Lions:

“As far as comparing it to Detroit, I’m not going to do it. I just know that I’m having a blast playing a bunch of football with some great players and great coaches. I loved my time in Detroit. I loved all the experiences that I had — some of them were tough, but they helped mold me into the player and the person I am today. I spent some really meaningful time in my life, both on and off the field, in Detroit and I really enjoyed all of it. I’m having fun what I’m doing right now. I had a great experience for 12 years in Detroit. That’s kind of how I want to leave it.”

The Detroit media did request through the Rams to speak to both Stafford and head coach Sean McVay, but both declined the offer.

On the flip side, Jared Goff is still salty about the way his time with the Rams ended but does appreciate the way Sean McVay reflected on the situation.

“It takes a man to say something like that, so I appreciate it. It still happened the way it did, but I do appreciate him saying that and have all the respect in the world for them over there.”

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