How much time does Jim Harbaugh have left at Michigan?

Sportswriter Brandon Brown received pushback when he tweeted last week that “No one on the #Michigan coaching staff deserves to keep their job.”

He even received reply from one of the coaches, whom he says he has a “pretty good relationship with saying it was a little harsh.”

So, what are Brown’s thoughts after Michigan was throttled by Wisconsin? He writes in a Sports Illustrated piece that someone, anyone, needs to be fired.

“Warde Manuel has to pull the trigger now. Any trigger. Tell Jim to pack his bags, or tell him to tell someone to pack their bags. Something needs to change right now to show that they’re all at least self aware.”

Is Brown right? Where do personnel changes need to be made? Is there a better coach out there than Harbaugh for grabs? Is Michigan’s real problem the fact that it is Michigan – a Big Ten school in a cold weather state?