Here’s a rundown of all the NFL games that have been rescheduled

The NFL is shuffling around eight different games in its latest attempt to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.  Put on your concentration hats as we break it down:

It starts with the Patriots-Broncos game that was originally moved to Monday night, but will now be played next Sunday, Oct. 18th.  That pushes the Broncos-Dolphins game originally set for next Sunday will be moved to Week 11 instead.

The Chiefs-Bills game scheduled for this Thursday has been moved to Monday, Oct. 15th at 5pm EST.

To accommodate that, the Jets-Dolphins game scheduled for Week 10 has been moved up to next Sunday at 4:05pm, while the Jets-Chargers game originally set for Sunday will be played in Week 11.

Finally, the Chargers-Jaguars game from Week 8 will move to Week 7, the Chargers-Broncos game from Week 11 moves to Week 8, and the Chargers-Doliphins game from Week 7 will be played Week 10.  Got all that?

Can the NFL really keep shuffling the schedule around like this?  Should they add a couple of ’empty’ bye weeks into the season where makeup games can be played?