Monday Night Football ratings plummet

The once-unbeatable “Monday Night Football” has been sacked in the ratings.

The number of viewers for Monday’s back-to-back games was significantly lower than the same Monday a year ago, according to ShowBuzz Daily. The Steelers-Giants game drew 10.8 million viewers, representing a 21 percent drop from last year’s Monday season opener, the website reports. The Titans-Broncos game did even worse, attracting just 7.7 million viewers — a full 38 percent drop from last year.

What’s more is the dramatic decrease in viewers doesn’t seem to be a one-time phenomenon. “Sunday Night Football,” which featured the Cowboys and the Rams, recorded a 16.1 percent drop compared to last year’s Sunday opener, according to Nielsen.

Why is viewership down? Given all the issues the country is having, would you expect more people to look for a means to escape — or are people just in no mood for games?

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