Conor McGregor hints at return just weeks after retiring

Although the ink on Conor McGregor’s retirement announcement hasn’t even had time to dry, the former UFC champ is already hinting at a comeback.

The 31-year-old McGregor, who retired earlier this month, posted some photos on Instagram Sunday showing him working out and sparring in the gym. When a fan asked if McGregor’s return to the gym meant he was preparing for a rematch against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor replied, “Can see Mayweather next. Can take the fighter outta the fight, but ya can’t take the fight outta the fighter. Go champ.”

McGregor’s comment came just weeks after he called it quits, saying fighting no longer excited him.

Do you suspect McGregor’s “retirement” was just the result of a bad day? Do you think professional fighting will be around for years to come, or will opponents of the “brutal” sport eventually get it banned?