Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith not proud of violent incident with protestor

Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith wasn’t having it Sunday when he confronted a white protester vandalizing his truck – breaking out a window.

Smith says the incident occurred as unrest spread in Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd.

“I chased him down and whooped his ass,” Smith said in video published by TMZ showing Smith giving it to the guy on the ground, until he eventually ran off.

On the “Pat McAfee show,” Smith applauded peaceful protests, bemoaned violence and acknowledged the irony of this guy unknowingly vandalizing the property of the “one black person who was able to get out of the situation and move into a nice neighborhood and do all of those things that we aspire to do.”

Smith came out later and said that he’s not proud of what he did and referred to it as a “random act of stupidness”.

Would you have confronted the guy? Are the violent protesters really out for change or are they just out for violence?