Bears head coach Matt Nagy praises Matthew Stafford

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has been sensational this season for his team.

It’s fair to assume that he’s probably a big part of the defensive gameplan for the Chicago Bears this weekend. Head coach Matt Nagy praised the veteran quarterback this week. Here’s what he told the Detroit Free Press:

“He’s tough, he’s a competitor,” Nagy said, “and when he’s back there at the quarterback position, he’s scary because he can make any throw and you always have a chance with him. You take that and you combine these wide receivers that he has, so anybody that’s a hell of a quarterback like he is that has weapons at the wide receiver and tight end position, they’re always going to have success. You see that right now.

“They’re aggressive in the pass game, they’re taking shots — a lot of deep balls — and it’s definitely a cause for concern.”

Can Stafford keep his hot streak going and help the Lions get a much-needed win this weekend?