Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey has racked up more scrimmage yards than the entire Jets Team

Following the loss of Cam Newton to a foot injury, few would argue that the Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey has gone above and beyond in making up for the deficit, delivering what could be his best season ever. But it may be even better than most people realize.

Since Newton’s been gone, McCaffrey has averaged 201.3 scrimmage yards per game, scoring five touchdowns. All totaled, he’s racked up 866 scrimmage yards, putting him on track to reach 2,771 by the end of the season. That would shatter Chris Johnson’s all-time record of 2,509 yards, set 10 years ago.

As if those figures aren’t impressive enough, the website did some math and determined McCaffrey has completed more scrimmage yards than have all the players on the New York Jets combined. The Jets’ 718 yards fall 148 short of McCaffrey’s 866.

Do you think McCaffrey will go on to be remembered as an NFL great? Is there a chance he’ll lead the Panthers to the Super Bowl this season?