What are the best, worst-case scenarios for the Detroit Lions?

It’s easy to understand that you’re probably a bit uneasy after watching the Detroit Lions during their first preseason game against the New England Patriots.

Nobody looked good. Only a few of the starters played for a short period of time but they got embarrassed as a whole.

It is just the preseason. None of these games count and coaches are trying to evaluate who will end up making the roster. What do you believe is the best case scenario for your 2019 Detroit Lions? What about worst case scenario?

Jay Busbee from Yahoo! Sports predicted the best and worst case scenario for every NFC team. Here’s what he had to say about the Detroit Lions:

Best case: The Lions suddenly start buying into what Matt Patricia’s selling, Matthew Stafford suddenly starts looking like the second coming of Steve Young, and Detroit makes it all the way to … one playoff win. Maybe.

Worst case: Patricia joins the long list of ex-Patriot coaches who learn that you can’t just up and rebuild the Patriot Way in another location, and the Lions struggle to get to .500. No one outside Detroit notices.

He doesn’t exactly seem optimistic about the best case scenario for the Lions. Things will “suddenly” have to happen for them to excel this season.

Where do you think they go with the 2019-2020 campaign?

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