Report: Tigers DH Cabrera loses child support case

A Florida judge ruled that Detroit Tigers designated hitter Miguel Cabrera must support the two children he fathered out of wedlock the same way he does the children born to his wife, the Detroit Free Press reported Monday.The decision is the latest turn in an 18-month battle between Cabrera and Belkis Rodriguez of Orlando, Fla. In her 2017 child support lawsuit, she contended her children deserve to have the same lifestyle his other three children have.Orange County Circuit Court Judge Alan Apte agreed with Rodriguez.”The court finds that the parties’ children should have the same opportunities as the opportunities that the father provides to his three other children that he and his wife share,” the judge wrote in his ruling.”The court finds this to be a ‘good fortune’ case … and the children’s right to benefit from his good fortune,” Apte wrote.Under the order, Cabrera must give Rodriguez $20,000 per month in unallocated support, which means she can spend the money however she wants. Additionally, he must pay for specific expenses, such as private school, medical care and extracurricular activities.