Stanley Cup Returns to St. Louis this Weekend

While the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup win might seem like ancient news to a lot of people, there’s at least one outsider who can’t shake constant reminders of that victorious night. His name is Phil Pritchard, the chaperone of the Stanley Cup.

Pritchard has spent the past several weeks on a journey that will eventually see him and the cup visit three continents, five countries, eight Canadian provinces and seven U.S. states. But he says the stop he’s looking most forward to happens this weekend, when the Stanley Cup returns to St. Louis for three days. “They get the fans are a big part of this team, after supporting them all these years in St. Louis,” Pritchard says. “The players love the fans and the fans certainly love the players.”

In addition to spending one day each with a trainer and one of the team’s coaches, the Stanley Cup will be hosted by forward Pat Maroon on Saturday. By the time every player and staff member has spent a day with the Stanley Cup, it — as well as Pritchard — will have traveled 28,830 miles.

Do you think players would be more appreciative if they were awarded a trophy they got to keep? How many other awards can you name that have to be given back at the end of the year?