All-Star Andre Iguodala speaks out on compensating college players

It’s been an on-going debated for a while now. Should college athletes be compensated by universities for participating in athletics programs that the NCAA makes billions of dollars from?

One NBA player isn’t afraid to share his opinions on the hot topic. NBA champion and former All-Star Andre Iguodala definitely thinks the athletes should be paid for what they do.

“I feel like college players should be compensated. And with all the technology we have, algorithms can be put in place on the amount of wealth that a player brings to a university”.

“You have $1 [billion] TV deals. You have marketing deals. You have merchandise. All those things come into play, and the players are the foundation of all that. Without the players, you aren’t able to do any of these things”. 

He’s not the first NBA player to share the same opinion about the NCAA. Where do you stand on the matter?