Beat Huge Contest!

How well do you know the NFL?
Do you think you know it better than Bill “Huge” Simonson?

Well here is your chance to prove it!

Each week you will have a chance to pick all the NFL teams against the spread.  If you correctly guess more right than Huge, your name will be entered into the end of the NFL Football Season Grand Prize Drawing for  $1,000 courtesy of Beene Garter. You may enter only once per week.  The more times that you beat Huge on a weekly basis, the better your chances are to win the grand prize of $1,000.

Your entry must be in before noon on Sundays.

Thursdays games are consider a “freebie”.

Click below to enter
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The accounting firm of Beene Garter will be monitoring the contest and determine the weekly results.


Contest Rules — Beat Huge Contest rules